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Principios del Posicionamiento SEO. CC Campus Madrid, a Google Space.

Entrevista Cadena COPE. Privacidad y Datos Personales en Internet (2017)

Entrevista WeCodeSign. Posicionamiento SEO y SEM (2016)

Masterclass SEO y Analytics. Campus Madrid, a Google Space (2016)

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In the following list you can find articles in which I publish information about my talks in seminars and conferences of the marketing sector, digital marketing, online reputation, social networks and Internet business models.

Images - José Ramón Saura

Images in events and talks in different business sectors about José Ramón Saura

José Ramón Saura Mentor Marketing Google Launchpad
José Ramón Saura Mentor Marketing Google Launchpad en BBVA Innovation Center

I participated as Mentor in Marketing in Google Launchpad Week 2016 in BBVA Innovation Center. Madrid

Campus Startup School Jose Ramon Saura

Google Startup School - Google Campus

SEO en Tuenti - Jose Ramon Saura

GDG Madrid - SEO for Developers

Goolgleplex - Jose Ramon Saura

Googleplex. Mountain View (Sillicon Valley)

Global Robot Expo 2017

Global Robot Expo 2017

José Ramón Saura

Google for Moms and Dads - Campus Madrid

Startups - Jose Ramon Saura

Talento Digital - Startups

José Ramón Saura Google Launchpad Madrid BBVA

Google Launchpad Week 2016. BBVA Innovation Center (Madrid)


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Jose Ramon Saura 2017
José Ramón Saura Consultor

I participate in conferences and events in the digital marketing industry and on-line reputation strategies.

I have published research articles on digital marketing, data analysis, social networking and business topics.

I work as an external consultant with large companies in digital marketing. Innovation and the development of new strategies in emerging markets is the goal to achieve.




If you want to contact me to speak at an event, work with your company or consult my services connects via Twitter / Linkedin or info @



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