Google Campus Startup School - #CampusSEO. Google Campus Madrid

Startups & Google Meetup - Mentor de Marketing. CC Google for Entrepreneurs.

Entrevista Cadena COPE. Privacidad y Datos Personales en Internet (2017)

Principios del Posicionamiento SEO. CC Campus Madrid, a Google Space. 2017.

URJC - Observatorio.  Privacidad, Datos Personales e Identidad Digital. 2017.

Entrevista WeCodeSign. Posicionamiento SEO y SEM (2016)

Masterclass SEO y Analytics. Campus Madrid, a Google Space (2016)

Puedes ver más vídeos en mi canal de Youtube - José Ramón Saura Youtube

Jose Ramon Saura

I participate in conferences and events in the digital marketing industry and on-line reputation strategies.



I have published research articles on digital marketing, data analysis, social networking and business topics.

José Ramón Saura Consultor

I work as an external consultant with large companies in digital marketing. Innovation and the development of new strategies in emerging markets is the goal to achieve.

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If you want to contact me to speak at an event, work with your company or consult my services connects via Twitter / Linkedin or info @



In this link you can contact me if you are a journalist or you collaborate with some means. In addition, access to information and dossier and press clipping.