I publish research articles on digital marketing, social networks and the profitability of different business models on the Internet.

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Masterclass Posicionamiento SEO 2018

José Ramón Saura - Campus Startups School

PhD in Digital Maketing - Marketing Mentor

14 de marzo de 2017 (Madrid, España)

Marketing Digital para Startups - Google Startups & Meetup Madrid

Google Campus Madrid - Google for Entrepreneurs

Masterclass Posicionamiento SEO

José Ramón Saura - Campus Presents

PhD Candidate in Digital Maketing

14 de marzo de 2017 (Madrid, España)

Campus Presents: Principios del Posicionamiento SEO

José Ramón Saura. Google Campus Madrid.

23 de febrero de 2017 (Madrid, España)

How to build your own 3D printed drone - Global Robot Expo 2017

José Ramón Saura - Todostartups/Droniberia

02 de febrero de 2017 (Madrid, España)

Digital Marketing Strategy. Analytics, SEO, SEM and ASO Tips. Google Developer Launchpad. BBVA Innovation Centre. Marketing Mentor.

04 de octubre de 2015 (Madrid, España)

Startup Europe - Join the Movement

José Ramón Saura - PhD Candidate in Digital Maketing. Rey Juan Carlos University

Technology conference

Jose Ramon Saura

I participate in conferences and events in the digital marketing industry and on-line reputation strategies.



I have published research articles on digital marketing, data analysis, social networking and business topics.

José Ramón Saura Consultor

I work as an external consultant with large companies in digital marketing. Innovation and the development of new strategies in emerging markets is the goal to achieve.

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