BACKGROUND - José Ramón Saura

Ten years ago I started in the world of new technologies. I started my career specialized in search engine optimization and on-line reputation with small, medium-sized companies and, above all, start-ups in early stage. Native digital, passionate about new technologies, information technology, data and web analytics.


In 2014, I was the Founder President of the Spanish Association of Digital Natives. Since that year, I have participated as a teacher in business schools such as ESIC Business & Marketing School, European Business School (EEN), School of Industrial Organization (EOI), Center for Financial Studies (CEF) or Distance University of Mardrid (UDIMA). ).


Since 2013, I am an Organizer in Google Developer Groups and Mentor Marketing in Google programs. Passionate about Google, I have mentored startups in Google programs such as Google Campus Madrid, Google Launchpad Week, Google for Moms, Google Startup School, Campus Presents or Google Startups & Meetup Madrid.


In 2012 I founded Design Up Spain, a digital marketing and online positioning agency that worked exclusively as a consultancy and implementation of SEO, SEM and social media strategies. Since 2011, I collaborate with Rey Juan Carlos University in Groups and Research Projects in the field of new technologies at European level.

Jose Ramon Saura

I participate in conferences and events in the digital marketing industry and on-line reputation strategies.



I have published research articles on digital marketing, data analysis, social networking and business topics.

José Ramón Saura Consultor

I work as an external consultant with large companies in digital marketing. Innovation and the development of new strategies in emerging markets is the goal to achieve.

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