PhD in Economics and Business, I work in different Business Schools and Universities. I participate as Speaker in events of digital marketing, innovation and new technologies.

BACKGROUND - José Ramón Saura

I was born in Murcia. Now, I am a Marketing Lecture at Rey Juan Carlos University. I started to work in the new technology world 10 years ago. I started my career working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  and the On-line reputation in SMEs, and most of all with startups in their first development fase. I am a Digital Native also passionated about new technologies, computer science, data and web analytic.


In 2014, I was President (Founder) of The Digital Native Spanish Association. From that year, I have work like a lecture in Business Schools such as ESIC Business & Marketing School, European Business School (EEN), Industrial Organisation School (EOI), Financial Studies Centre (CEF) or Digital University of Madrid (UDIMA).


Since 2013, I am Organizer at Google Developer Groups and Marketing Mentor in Google programs. I am passionate about Google and other tech companies, I have worked as a mentor for startups in Google programs such as Google Developer Launchpad Week or Google Campus Madrid. I have spoke like speaker in programmes like Google for Moms and Dads, Google Campus Startup School or Google Campus Present, talking about SEO, digital marketing and web analytic.


In 2012, I set up Design Up Spain, a digital marketing agency that worked exclusively in SEO, SEM and social networks strategies. Since 2011, I often collaborate at Rey Juan Carlos University in research groups about the European new technologies development.


Actually, I work with big companies and I am finishing an international P.hD program on the digital marketing profitability techniques at Rey Juan Carlos University with an international mention from Harvard Business School (HBS) and London South Bank University (LSBU).


In 2016, I made a research stance at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science in London.


In 2017, I got a co-organized TEDxMonodoñedo license.

Jose Ramon Saura 2017
José Ramón Saura Consultor

I participate in conferences and events in the digital marketing industry and on-line reputation strategies.

I have published research articles on digital marketing, data analysis, social networking and business topics.

I work as an external consultant with large companies in digital marketing. Innovation and the development of new strategies in emerging markets is the goal to achieve.




If you want to contact me to speak at an event, work with your company or consult my services connects via Twitter / Linkedin or info @ joseramonsaura.com



In this link you can contact me if you are a journalist or you collaborate with some means. In addition, access to information and dossier and press clipping.