PhD Candidate in economic and business, I study the digital marketing profitability from the computer science perspective and I work on different  business schools and universities.


I usually participate like Speaker in the digital marketing industry, on-line reputation and innovation business strategies  events and conferences. I am passionated about new technologies, I work with big companies to help them and their leaders to build solid business models through the Internet focusing on digital marketing and innovation tactics.

José Ramón Saura Speaker
Autor - José Ramón Saura
Consultant - José Ramón Saura

I participate in conferences and events in the digital marketing, on-line reputation and business development industries focusing on the Internet.

I publish research articles about digital marketing, data analysis, social networks and the business strategy market.

I work like external consultant with big companies in the digital marketing area. The innovation and the new business development strategies in emerging markets.



If you’d like to get in touch with me about speaking at your event or working with your organization connect with me.


José Ramón Saura

José Ramón Saura

Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Business Planner